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About Us

The Weathersby Group, Inc. specializes in the planning and programming of laboratory facilities.  Throughout her twenty years in the industry, Elizabeth observed that while technology of lab design had advanced, the planning process remained stagnant. There was still a chasm  between science and design. Utility data continued to fall through the cracks, function played second fiddle to form and the needs of key end users were often misunderstood or not addressed at all. In 2011, Elizabeth founded The Weathersby Group to address these issues, and developed a more holistic planning process that focuses on equipment requirements, optimized workflow, and personal engagement with all stakeholders.  

Elizabeth combines her extensive technical knowledge of lab equipment with the ability to relate to researchers and understand their processes and environments. Known for her collaborative spirit, Elizabeth listens to the individual yet sometimes conflicting goals of a variety of stakeholders and integrates them into solutions that align with the budget, support the design intent and enhance safety, efficiency and performance.  She then translates this criteria into a comprehensive equipment matrix of architectural, structural, and MEP utility data and delivers it to the team early in the design process.


Through WGI's focus on function and early planning, issues that often plague lab projects such as ineffcient exhaust, missing drains, oversized or undersized electrical, incorrect plumbing or duct material, productivity bottlenecks, inadequate space, compromised safety, cross contamination, loss of research, and overheated equipment can all be prevented. By bridging this gap between science and design, WGI's work becomes a valuable asset in keeping the on schedule and within budget.


Based in Dallas, Texas, The Weathersby Group, Inc. provides services to Academic, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Industrial, Food & Beverage, and Semiconductor markets nationwide.  WGI has teamed with both public and private end users, architects, design build contractors, and developers. Our commitment to staying current on trends and standards through continuing education regarding laboratory and processing equipment, sustainability, lean design principles, workflow optimization, cGMP/FDA compliance and biocontainment allow us to offer optimal solutions for our clients.

Areas of Expertise

  • Equipment Planning

  • Space Programming

  • Workflow Optimization

  • Sustainable Solutions

  • Preconstruction Assistance

  • Equipment Installation Logistics

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